Premium Support

What does your Premium Support include?

So you want a website but what will it mean to actually keep it up? Actually supporting our clients means more than just being available at all times. It means supporting the longer-term investment you’ve made in creating a website.

We curated a Premium Support package to cover your mandatory hosting fees as well as give you the long term support for growth. That means keeping your website updated and operable. It also means watching your numbers and suggesting business strategies based on the data we collect and give to you.

Security and Updates

Never worry about security patches, updates or backups. We will make sure your website runs smoothly and has 99% uptime.

Marketing Reporting

You’ll get a special reporting package that gives you a glimpse of all of your most important KPIs in a single report, updated in real-time. We’ll meet every 2 weeks (unless you have the Attract or Retain Modules, in which case we’ll meet more often) and go over your results, your activities and create you a plan of action for your marketing efforts.

Hosting Included

It also includes hosting ($40/month), which is mandatory for all websites that we build and paid separately if you don’t have the Premium Support package.

How much does it cost?

$200 per month. You can cancel at any time.

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