About Our Team

It may take only 9 Steps to build you a website, but our team is a bit smaller than that.

We pride ourselves on being a tight, small, close working team that can do a lot with less. That doesn’t mean we cut corners. It means we are efficient with our time, money and resources because we know our clients are too.

We all come from technical backgrounds with experience building apps, websites and complex online experiences that are mostly just complicated. What we love about our work now is that it is individualized and scalable all while letting us meet extraordinary people with amazing businesses. We started 9 Steps because we saw that there was a gap, specifically in e-commerce for small businesses, that needed filling. To be frank, we just know our stuff and wanted to help other businesses navigate going online without being taken advantage of. Our prices and time frames represent our needs and resources. And our staff respect the needs of every business we work with. As we expand, we hope that means offering even more to our customers.

We’ve become quite skilled in the detailing industry thanks to some very faithful clients. Therefore we have developed knowledge in digitizing a world that was previously quite offline. And that is incredibly fun for us.

Moving forward we want to be a service that can be called upon whenever you need it. It’s your business, we just want to help.

Our Mission

To build good, honest, online strategies. And execute them very well. That’s it.


To train every industry to adapt to a digital business strategy and to help them become self-sustaining in the ever digitized world.

Our Values

  • Do more with less: This doesn’t mean being thrifty with our time. This means knowing when to use sophisticated but simple strategies vs. complicated and comprehensive ones. It means understanding everyone’s means, and working within them. Only build what makes sense.
  • Transparency: This means we are always trying to put forward the best strategy for your company. That means being transparent with our prices and services as well as being honest about what we think will actually work.
  • Sustainability for our clients: Everything we build should be self-sustaining if needed. That means we won’t force you to need us. We only build platforms and strategies that we know you can carry out and maintain, should you need to.
  • Creativity: We are constantly on the phone coming up with new ideas, design inspirations and goals. We can find ourselves getting excited about your business, so we start to really enjoy creating platforms that we think our clients will love.
  • Responsiveness: When you need us, we pick up, adapt and make it work.

The Work We’ve Done


The Ceramic Company


Seaboard Surface Solutions


HM Car and Marine Detailing


D2 Detailing

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